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our offerings

Our flagship coffee is now Certified Organic, Certified Bird Friendly with The Smithsonian, and Certified by The International Women in Coffee Association. We are very proud to offer this coffee as our staple bean. It is a Caturra and Catuai blend, grown at 1400-1600 MASL, washed process with an 18 hour fermentation time. Lots of dark fruit present, with a pleasant sweetness, it is an every day drinker that will please the most advanced of palates.
This Sarchimor is an unusual variety with a lot of character. Wonderful for blending, Rosario Pecul is located on the other side of Cerro Pecul, and is home to many different crops and wildlife. Grown at 1400 MASL, this coffee is sure to please.
A workhorse coffee, this is a coffee offered for volume ordering. Got a K-cup order, a cold brew order, or any other large roasting contract? Look no further. Located on the same mountain as our other two offerings, but at a lower altitude, 900-1100 MASL.

Our process

Picked with care

The benefit of paying our workers a great wage becomes evident in our picking process. Only ripe and deliciously sweet cherries are selected by hand, and treated with care on the way to the facility.

Washed with patience

Using a salt solution to raise any under-dense beans, we get rid of floaters and clean each cherry by hand. Doing this allows us to further control the quality of our coffee and the quality of our fermentation, which will have less variables introduced to it simply because of the washing.

Fermented and dried

We ferment our coffee in tile lined tanks for 18 hours, letting the mucilage come off naturally. During these hours, flavors are accentuated and deepened. After the fermentation, we dry on raised beds until they reach the perfect humidity for roasting. Then they are stored in grain pro bags inside of the traditional burlap sacks.


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