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Two Birds Coffee is family-owned and hand crafted. From our farm to your cup or cafe, a culture of excellence and a passion for our product ensures that our coffee is handled with the utmost care every step of the way.

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Two Birds Coffee is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality cup possible. We aim to do this without sacrificing pay for workers, equality among employees, or the natural environment. We are a family owned and operated business, with a commitment to improve year after year. Our goal is to leave the land and our little world better off than when we arrived. Join us in our adventure.

The Family
The Farm
The Coffee
The Craft
The Cause

The Family

The Two Birds Family has crafted coffee for over 100 years

The Two Birds Family has been in the coffee industry for quite a while. It was three generations ago that a woman, the wife of a humble foreman, decided to start a small tailoring business in Guatemala. With her earnings and a sharp mind, she quickly recognized the need for coffee beans- so she bought some, and sold them. Eventually she had saved up enough to buy some land, and on that land she planted coffee. While it has been passed down throughout generations, the love for the land and the commitment to the craft has always remained the same.

The Farm

Finca Esperanza is connected to our private natural reserve, La Morenita.  The farm currently expands to around 225 acres of land, but only 120 of those acres are actually cultivated. The remaining acres are maintained as a natural rain forest. The 120 acres of cultivated land has shaded coffee, cloves, mushrooms, and beehives. Currently, our average yield is approximately 80,0000 pounds of green coffee a year.

The Coffee

Our coffee's subspecies is of the Caturra and Catuai varietals, a fantastic combination that truly shines in the tropical climate of Guatemala. Currently, the age of our coffee rests between 4 and 5 years old, and the quality grows with every year.  We take great pride in our USDA Certified Organic growing methods, and our fertilizers are currently made from all natural compost that has been made into a "tea" and aerated. This natural fertilizer gives local flora a strong food source from which to grow, furthering the connection the coffee has with our land.

The Craft

We at Two Birds Coffee are committed to the cutting edge of coffee industry, with our brand new mill "Beneficio Don Chilo" and our processing methods we are changing to meet the demand of third wave roasters. We are experimenting with different types of fermentation and drying methods in order to bring a nuanced and clean cup of coffee to the cupping table. Contact us for more information on our current and future offerings.

Our Cause

It's not just about land conservation and improvement. It's also about the people living on the farms we source. We at Two Birds Coffee are committed to improving the lives of the individuals who work for us, whether its by paying fair wages, technical training, a scholarship, or infrastructure improvements- we always try to do right by our employees.


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