Two Birds Coffee is a direct trade farming and importing company that specializes in Guatemalan coffee beans. From humble origins in a remote region in Guatemala, our company has grown across borders and is now distributing delicious coffees in the United States. We strive to bring you the very best in specialty coffee, directly from the farm. We do it all — farming, processing, exporting, importing, and distributing of both green and roasted beans.

From roaster origin trips that provide our partners with an inside look into Two Birds Coffee practices and processes, to dedicated customer service and support, Two Birds Coffee is here to meet your direct trade needs.

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If you are a roaster looking to begin a direct trade relationship, or just a coffee lover that wants to know more about our processing, click here!

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Straight from Cerro Pecul to you

Our land is located south of the Antigua region of Guatemala in Zunliito, Suchitepequez along the dormant volcano, Volcan Santo Tomas. The locals call it Cerro Pecul. The land is alive, fertile, and gives us some amazing coffee.  We reside 1400-1600 meters above sea level. There are two rivers on either side of the farm, La Cal and Chita, and we average around 7 meters of rainfall yearly.  A large portion of our land is a private natural reserve, because we have a responsibility to preserve and protect the land. We don't want to work the land. We want to work with the land.


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